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COMMENT: Zombie fest as a theme-various charity event

Zombie fest as a charity event theme.( inclusive of all age ranges)
Downtown has been presented as a place to draw college and after that age crowd and should try to stick to that (Elm Park is better geared to little kiddies because of playground. 
Event should be geared to promoting it bigger and better so that it becomes a destination
Example of 5th annual Zombie charity event drawing thousands in Fort Myers

Event can be all inclusive by putting a pet parade and little kiddie parade at beginning of event

Pets are now most popular “with empty-nesters, single professionals, and couples who delay having children. What unites these disparate demographic groups is a tendency to have time and resources to spare.(Also my only kid is my pet and there are a lot like us) and this would draw me down,pay money to put my darling in a parade,spend more money at a food truck and drop pet off and go back down for other things.
Copy of example of a 4th annual Boston and a 24th annual NYHalloween pet parade - there are many other examples on the web about pet parades getting very popular and drawing participation and money for causes

After theme is decided (and time is of the essence) another whole topic could be open to get ideas. (It would really get the theatrical ,creative resources going )

Submitted By: gayle
Date Submitted: 8/21/2015 1:23 pm
RE: Zombie fest as a theme-various charity event
Great idea. People should get behind and support it both to volunteer and financially.Help secure a major sponsor.
Submitted By: Twtaylor
Date Submitted: 8/21/2015 2:01 pm
RE: Zombie fest as a theme-various charity event

More than 1 sponsor 

I.e. youth organization for kiddie parade

Animal rights organization for pet parade

Historical preservation could put a skit up for their benefit

Competing colleges could take a section of streets for a skit and their charities

The Hanover theatrical people could do one for their charities 

Etc etc and it could be built up over the year

Also the other areas ,bars and restaurants could work around the theme and feel included

Even people who aren't in costume would represent what the Zombies are after and feel included

Submitted By: gayle
Date Submitted: 8/21/2015 2:14 pm

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