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COMMENT: Beer and Food Festival

Let's have a festival showcasing great craft beer and all of the fantastic restaurants around Worcester! Throw in some live music and you've got a party!

Submitted By: Sheam2
Date Submitted: 2/9/2017 9:39 am
RE: Beer and Food Festival

Thank you for participating!

Submitted By: WorcesterSpecialEvents
Date Submitted: 2/15/2017 9:27 am
RE: Beer and Food Festival
A Beer, wine or food festival would be a great idea for getting people Downtown. While being in the military for the last 5 years I have had the opportunity to visit many Major cities Chicago, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and many others and all these cities have these events and people love them and always have a great time. If the city would be able to make this happen they should even consider having one in the summer and one in the early fall when the colleges are getting back.
Submitted By: Tsacco812
Date Submitted: 3/6/2017 8:48 pm

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